St Abbs & Eyemouth Voluntary Marine Reserve

The waters off the Berwickshire coast have long been considered special by marine biologists as they contain a fantastic abundance and diversity of marine life. Add to this clear waters and spectacular underwater scenery and it is not surprising that divers have been coming to the area for decades. In the early days numbers were low but word soon spread and by the 1970s there were concerns that increasing human activity might start to have an adverse effect on the wildlife and local economy. Initially divers banned themselves from taking a crab or lobster ‘for the pot’ from around St Abbs and the Barefoot Marine Reserve was set up at Eyemouth by a local landowner. Then in 1984 local fishermen, divers and conservationists worked together and decided to designate the St Abbs & Eyemouth Voluntary Marine Reserve (VMR). The VMR is a registered charity (SC 018593) and its aims are to conserve the biodiversity of the coastal waters, raise awareness of the marine environment through education and promote responsible recreational use alongside a sustainable fishery to the mutual benefit of all.


Rangers Office, Northfield, St Abbs, TD14 5QF

Tel: 018907 71443