Hammond Charcuterie

Hammond Charcuterie

Cured, air-dried or smoked, British speciality meats from the lush banks of the River Tweed to the green hills and wooded valleys of Berwickshire.  All the pork used is raised in woodland, free to roam and root, to wallow in the pond when it is hot and to drink spring water.

Using only the finest, high-welfare, local free-range, rare-breed pork, wild game and, using traditional methods, made into exquisite gourmet air-dried hams, cured meats, terrines, pates, chorizo, salamis and other fine charcuterie.

Available at J. Waddell & Son fishmongers, Mason’s Wynd, Eyemouth and St Abbs Friday Market.

Website:  http://www.hammondcharcuterie.co.uk/

Email: rachel@hammondcharcuterie.co.uk

Call: 07905 697717