Churches in Eyemouth

There are a number of churches in Eyemouth, please see below for their Sunday mass times. All locals and visitors will be equally welcomed.


Church of Scotland

Eyemouth Parish Church, Victoria Road TD14 5JD

Service – Sunday morning 11.10am


Roman Catholic Church

St Andrews Church, Victoria Road TD14 5JD

Mass – Sunday morning 11am


Scottish Episcopal Church

St Ebba’s Episcopal Church, Paxton Terrace TD14 5

Service – Sunday morning 11.00am


Congregational Church

Eyemouth United Congregational Church, Albert Road TD14 5DB

Service – Sunday morning 11.00am


Baptist Church

Free Baptist Church, Houndlaw Park TD14 5DA

Service – Sunday morning 11.00am, Sunday evening 6.00pm


Evangelical Church

Highway Christian Fellowship, Northburn Road TD14 5AU

Service – Sunday morning 10.30am