Chapel Jewellers


Established in 1986, Chapel Jewellers are a family firm who understand the beauty, sentiment and value of jewellery and watches. Whether you’re purchasing an item from us, commissioning a special piece, redesigning or repairing a beloved item, or simply wanting to sell a piece of jewellery or a watch, we can help.

Specialising in new and antique fine jewellery and watches, we have an excellent reputation and a superb selection to suit every occasion. Offering exquisite pieces at sensible prices is our forte, and we’re always happy to give advice!

Based in Eyemouth, we have professional connections throughout the world and can obtain any special item of jewellery or a particular watch that you’re looking for. We undertake valuations of both jewellery items and watches for insurance, probate, and investment purposes.

Naturally we understand the more practical side to jewellery and watches as investment pieces which have a market value, as they represent an asset which can be quickly and easily rendered liquid. This economic aspect is one which is particularly important in today’s current economic climate.

Chapel Jewellers, 6 High Street, Eyemouth TD14 5EU

Tel: 01890 751661

Open: Monday to Saturday – 8.30am to 4.45 pm